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What You Need To Know About Integrative Breathwork and Why You Need to Do It

By Jacquelyn Small,

Founding Director of Eupsychia Institute

Breathwork is an ancient spiritual practice in both Eastern and Western traditions, widely known for its healing and transformative abilities.

This process of deep inner work raises our consciousness beyond society’s mass consciousness, or any programming we may have received.  It is an evocative experiential method that reveals to us our own rich subjective life where our honest truth resides.  We can become more conscious of what ails us, and gain access to the beauty and wisdom of our core Self. We’ve found that this process will take you into whatever dimension of consciousness you need to visit in order to broaden or heal.  This process can enhance any method of therapy people are utilizing and offers an experiential sense of anyone’s form of religion.

This journey inward can heal our self-defeating lifestyles by helping us make them conscious and releasing any pent-up energy collected around our unhealed issues. It has the power to heal our personal past, including early childhood trauma inflicted on us before we had language to process it.  This is because this method accesses and releases “cellular memory” where any suffering that still exists in body/mind may still reside.

Breathwork can also carry us into the expansive collective mind of humanity where universal spiritual awareness can be made known, bringing us a sense of our larger story as a human soul traveling through space-time.  When we can experience that we are “bigger than we look like,” and realize we are here for a divine purpose, a spontaneous healing can occur.  This is the beginning of a stronger spiritual life.

Through the use of music, deep breathing, and symbolic artwork, the deeper strata of the unconscious mind can open and pour out its creative gifts.  The two-hour musical journey (a carefully designed variety of evocative instrumental music and chanting) serves as a projection screen. It provides a way for participants to free associate so that they can recall whatever it is they need to make conscious and clear.  The merging of psychological health and our inner spirituality is the key to living beyond soul loss, emotional pain and addiction.

Eupsychia’s philosophy is that healing ourselves and helping others is all one process. Direct contact with the God-within, acceptance and forgiveness, self-empowerment, and finding one’s soul purpose and true life’s work are the focus of this work.

You will feel so good in this caring community that is created by sharing in this powerful inner healing and awakening.  You’ll be in a group of soul brothers and sisters you will feel you’ve always known.  Our world is starved for this kind of meaningful relating today.  So join us if you can!