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About Me

Adrienne Rich once said, “The most notable fact our culture imprints on women is the sense of our limits. The most important thing one woman can do for another is to illuminate and expand her sense of actual possibilities.” 

For me, as a therapist, to have the opportunity of illuminating and expanding a woman’s sense of possibilities is the reason I do what I do and love what I do, every day.

I thrive on empowering others to be their best and greatest self. I believe that we all have the answers to our life’s deepest questions, but have difficulty at times accessing those answers.  I see my role as a therapist to help you access those answers. I believe that we all have the ability to evolve and grow, not just in spite of, but as a result of our difficulties in life.

Being with others and helping them with their problems has always felt natural to me. Although my extensive training as a counselor (see below) has provided me with advanced therapy skills, I believe that it is the rapport that I have with my client that benefits them the most.

I’ve been practicing therapy since 1997 and have worked with a wide variety of counseling clients, both women and men, including those with ADHD, anxiety, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), relationship problems, phobias, grief and problems associated with life transitions.

As a hypnotherapist, I have helped people stop smoking, lose weight, and overcome anxiety and phobias. I have also used hypnosis when working with athletes to enhance their athletic performance.

I am committed to my own growth as much as I am committed to my clients’ growth.

In addition to the counselor trainings that I participate in, I also do my own inner growth work on a regular basis. I once read a saying by an unknown author that said “When you know how to listen, everybody is the guru.” I believe that every single one of my therapy clients has taught me something of value in understanding others, while enhancing my ability to be a better therapist.

It is very rewarding for me to help people make important and meaningful changes in their lives. I hope that by guiding others in seeking their truth and highest potential that my work as a healer will ripple out into the world in ways that may benefit many.


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Personal Interests

I love animals, particularly my cats, Felix and Oscar who were named after the 1970’s television show, “The Odd Couple”.

I also have a passion for art, which was the focus of my undergraduate degree. Prior to becoming a counselor, I worked as a curator for an art gallery in New York City and I also ran an art consulting business.

Living in Boca Raton allows me to spend ample time at the beach swimming and reading. It provides a wonderful balance to the intensity of my work as a therapist.