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Nine Questions That Will Help You Thrive in 2012

By Leslie Rouder, LCSW, Cht.

Happy New Year!  It’s the start of a new 12 month cycle and the opportunity to set our intentions for 2012. I know we all want to thrive in our lives and in thinking of ways to help with this effort, I recently read a wonderful article by Tom O’Connor in which he asks some very self-empowering questions regarding achieving positive changes. Tom reminded me of a great quote by Tony Robbins who said, “Success leaves clues”.   But for many of us, we don’t know where to look for those clues or know the right questions to ask in order to find them. So, in an attempt to find those clues, I wrote the following article and listed 9 of those self-empowering questions to assist us in establishing a forward direction to our lives and to help us to thrive in 2012.

The following 9 questions provide us with an exercise that will take us back first to reflect on 2011 and then forward into 2012.  Since the questions are very thought provoking and (hopefully life changing), I would suggest you take the time to reflect carefully before writing down your answers.  Here goes;

1.  What successes or achievements did I have in 2011 that really worked well for me?
2.  Where did I fall short in 2011 in achieving what I really wanted?  Where did I experience my biggest disappointments or frustrations?
3.  What did I learn from those disappointing experiences? What’s the lesson?

Now that you have taken an inventory of those things that have worked well, and those things that have not, ask yourself the following:

4.  What do I need to change in 2012 to get more of what I want.  What things do I need to do more or less of, differently, or let go of completely?
5.  What am I most committed to achieving in 2012 and why?
6.  How will my life change as a result of having achieved this? How will it look and feel different?

And probably the most important questions of all;

7.  What will I have to give up in order to achieve this?
8.  What is my belief or story line that I tell myself that has been holding me back?
9.  How can I change this narrative from a limiting belief system to an empowering one?

For most of us, getting conscious of our sabotaging inner voice, is one of our biggest challenges.  It is that automatic self-talk that we hear when we think about moving forward in that new direction.  What does my inner voice tell me I can’t do?  Become aware of the narrative you tell yourself when thinking of achieving more of what you want, and don’t buy into that old self-limiting story that has become your programming. Challenge it.

Now imagine your life one year from now having achieved your goal.   Allow that picture to become as big and real for you as you possibly can, using all your senses to enjoy what that achievement looks, feels and sounds like.  Look back over those 12 months and notice all the steps that you took to get you there and note all the changes you made while you thoroughly enjoy your sense of fulfillment and achievement.  When you feel ready to bring yourself back to this moment in time, reflect on all the steps you took to achieve more of the life you desire and make a solid commitment to take them.  And lastly, go out and make it a great 2012!